San Francisco Supplies Stores

Hey Guys,

What are the best San Francisco supply stores or supply area for an IDer?
I know about Flax and Pearl Paint.

What about for plastics, rubber, old junk?


plastics : tap plastics (there is a good one on van ness)

rubber & foam : foam order

supplies : arch supplies
this site is a good link for i.d. supplies around the bay area.

old junk : there are tons of antique and retro shops around s.f. like decodence, or this site is a good guide. This place has lots and lots of junk. ask some of the homeless people about old junk, they seem to have trolleys of it…

Supplies : Utrech… or Pearl… Arch (They give really good student discounts) They are the only store I know that sells water transfer Lazer Trans. (GOOD STUFF)
Paper : Flax…
Old Junk : Scraps, it’s an old junk store in south city. It’s tha bomb. You will find the coolest things ever there.

Thanks I’ll checlk them out.


Let me know what you need. I am in Oakland and work at an architectural model shop. I might be able to tell you of places less expensive than Tap. Definately less expensive than tap for plastic (acrylic etc) Also where we get our uerethane foam etc.