San Francisco Living

Hey guys–I’m moving out to San Francisco in early January to start an internship. I was curious if anyone in the bay area has any recommendations on locations to check out for renting? I’ll be out there for 6 months so I’m looking to either rent or sublet a place. Pretty unfamiliar with the area, so any advice is much appreciated!


Tendersnob and the mission are good and lively. Snobers are closer to northbeach but its hard to find a spot in northbeach you want to be in after 11pm. Live up this great city. SOMA is good too but when I lived on 7th and harrison the weekend burbanites clubbers that invade kills it.

It depends on what you are looking for and were you will need to be for work. But I like Richmond it is really close to the beach and Golden Gate park and gives pretty easy access to downtown. I also like along Polk St. there is a whole range of places along there from really cheap to very expensive. Polk St spans the Tenderloin through Russian Hill areas. Tenderloin would be your low price to stay but very seedy and dirty. Russian Hill would be one of the most expensive places to stay. The rents will pretty much gradate between those places. I also really like Potrero Hill it has great views of the city and easy access to downtown.

I have had very good luck doing roommates on Craigslist. If you are only looking to live there for 6 months you might have do a roommate because most people will want a 12 month lease.

+1 Inner Richmond! Clement St has great eating.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I can’t wait to get out there. So far I have been looking at places in Knobhill, the Marina, SOMA, and The Mission District. Also, my internship is pretty close to the SOMA area, so I am looking to stay somewhat close to that area. Any other suggestions are welcomed!

Hey Quinn, we are looking forward to having you.

The Marina will be a bit of a hike to get to work. You will have to bus it. I like off upper Polk (the pricey part) and that is about as far as you can walk it, Lower Polk (Polk Gulch it is sometimes called) has some good spots as does North Beach (back in the neghborhoods off the main areas). Many designers live in the Mission, Potrero Hill or even Noe Valley.

I’d also recomend you check out Hayes Valley, Allamo Sq, or The Haight. All pretty good. Esp Hayes Valley, lots of design shops.

Awesome, thanks Michael–I will have to add those to my list. Yeah, I have ruled out the Marina…too far away. Hayes Valley seems interesting and I am becoming more and more interested in the Mission as I learn more about it.