San Francisco- is there any work there

I am relocating and need to choose between San Francisco and Boston. No one has answered my SF vs Boston Question, so let me rephrase… Is there a lot more design in San Francisco and the silicon valley as opposed to Boston.

Really appreciate your advice…

As far as I know, there is quite a bit of design going on in both places. So as many things go, it just comes down to what your looking for. Weigh all your options and maybe choose some defining thing that you want. Then you can figure it out. As far as is there more design going on, well, I dont know, there is some going on, and there is some in boston too. Its a little hard to judge.

as of last week, there will be no more design jobs offered in san francisco for at least six years. you might try looking in caly city, colma, fremont or gilroy, but not san francisco. I know because my cousin works in human resourcing for a travel agency.

I’m completely confused by the last comment…

How can a travel agent know everything about San Francisco’s design work?

Is this guy just being an ass?

haha. yeah! WTH

as of last week, there will be no more design jobs offered in san francisco for at least six years. you might try looking in caly city, colma, fremont or gilroy, but not san francisco. I know because my cousin works in human resourcing for a travel agency.

maybe your cousin should check out the front page of Core77. the one with the industrial design job in san fransico advertised for new deal design…

Anyone know of anyone recently whose interviewed with NDD? Just wondering.

I personally know 14 separate and distinct different job offerings in San Francisco alone. And, they are centered within a bart ride from the mission. The mission, which any really savvy person would know is the next marina and that is REALLY exciting. I would love to work in a really hip cool design gig in the city where I can bart or ride my single speed cool track bike which is of little real practical value but super cool and hip to roll up to one of the really super uber hip art shows going on at one of the soon to be shut down uber hip boutique design something or other art shop that sells my friend’s ceramic left overs. Then I would love to write about how my cool bike got stolen on craigslist; and then go to hayes valley to go shopping for really expensive shoes and go eat brunch in the mission and wonder why everything costs so much. Actually, I would rather move to BROAKkland and get cut off by a raider nation citizen in a black SUV … then go to Dona Tomas and eat too much carnitas.

what places off the top of your head? thanks

target (albany)
popeyes (mission@22nd)
the pacifica library
West coast cabinets and doors
Jim’s windows and decks
Starbucks (burlingame avenue)
hothouse drywall and plaster inc
Peet’s coffee and tea (danville)
Acorn books
Lyon’s restaurant
Oshman’s sporting goods
Pizza Hut (shattuck avenue@alcatraz, Oakland)
Shoe pavillion (potrero shopping center)

Well, I meant design. Has it realy been that difficult to get design work in SF? Quite a list, though.

That description made me sick. haha

If you are not already in the bay area don’t come here. :sunglasses:

in the summer everyone was hiring…we alone hired 2 designers to keep up to the damand.

now i’m not to sure…but of couse if you are amazingly talented you shouldn’t have a problem working anywhere.

in general, sf with it’s 50+ design departments/firms, would be a safe bet, and then feelancing is always an option

I haven’t been in SF for many years now, but from what it sounds like little has changed despite the fact that there are no jobs over there.

It still sounds like the same old expensive hellhole where you cannot drive your car but at the same time can’t get anywhere on time with muni. Too much crime, too much stress, people with issues and too much ego being spread around by euro-born designers whose ID firms simply refuse to hire American-bread designers.

SF was a hip place back in the 90’s - it aint anymore. But…if you want to try it then I would advise you to practice your French or German accent - prospects for ID jobs there are bleak, but sounding like one of them might help a little.

True- When people would speak in my design classes they would say that we were lucky to be in such a “hot” area. This coming from a guy with an austrlian accent and some dude from the east coast.

If you got the skills then you can go anywhere.

That is true too - but you also have to becareful about where you step . . . there are alot of gold-painted turds out there and it is best to try being smart with your choices. Unfortunately, though, sometimes only after some experience can you tell what is worthwhile and what isn’t…and even then because of limited choicese sometimes you gotta take whatever comes your way.

  • I don’t think I’m proclaiming any new wisdom that other fellow designers don’t have . . . but sometimes it is easy to forget so I figured I’d says something.

Don’t move anywhere until you secure a job… advice for the wise.

…unless you have a ton of family cash to fall back on.

Word for the wise - living/working in a location is MUCH different from soaking up/vacationing in a location.

San Francisco, is in a blue period right now, I’m sorry to say. Do not come to the city unless you are rich or the joke will be on you. If you simply MUST come, I suggest that you try to live in the East Bay - at least you may have a chance to become an owner rather that a renter. I am discouraged by the conditions that young designers now face when they come here.

it can be hard in boston… it’s hot and cold here …the market is unpredictable here …there is only about 60 firms in MA and maybe about 26 of them are actually real ID firm … around here people are very competitive …you have to be really good to even get a chance and you have to know people…Boston firms don’t put their design needs on core77 …most anyway…there…

I don’t know SF … but California has about 300 design firms…so do the math…good luck…

BOSTOn weather COLD …very cold

SF I’m sure it’s better weather but polluted air

pick your poison…