San Francisco in December

Ok, I know SF is supposed to be the super cool, capital of design, avant-garde city in the US so…
I’ll be there for Christmas and New Years and I want to be inspired. I need recommendations on places to go other than the obvious tourist spots.
Cool locals hangout places, galleries, places for good music…
WHERE TO SPEND THE NEW YEAR? (electronic music)


Thank’s and Happy Holidays to everyone!

You will love it there! Go to China town, just walk around. i think people watching is great. It will be chilly but beautifull. Hills, great little towns around the area…

Stay a night at the Hotel Des Arts ( - browse the artist painted rooms and pick one you like. It’s also centraly located so you can walk to a whole lotta places pretty easily.

If it’s a nice day, grab a burger at Zeitgiest Bar and hang out in the patio. You’d be amazed on who you might see or meet there - shared a table with Metallica lead singer once.

111 Minna is a nice art (outsider) gallery/bar/club. Check for what night they spin electronica. Other clubs you could check out that could have decent electronica: Milk, Independent, ClubSix.

Just around the corner down a couple streets, new hotel just opened next to the Moma. Grab a cocktail there and on the other side of Moma is WHotel with an ok bar, but sneak onto the upstairs patio for a nice view! Glass of wine at 4seasons is always a good excuse to people watch there.

Definitely go to Ameoba record store down in the Haight if even just to trip out on the sound of cd’s going clak, clak, clak. Good music finds there too if you dig. Giant Robot and KidRobot are pretty close from there and are always fun to browse.

Slanted Door restaurant in the Ferry Building is nice and has a good collection of Rex Ray art. Have a few Buddha Drops! Good view at night of the Bay Bridge too.

A Bunch of art galleries at 49 Geary and 77 Geary. I’m blown away sometimes by what I see/find there. Check for a good list and links to the galleries. For more underground/outsider type art,

And don’t miss checking out the new De Young in GGPark.

Thanks GoofyFoot for all the cool ideas. I’m super excited to be there!