San Francisco- ANy work there?

I am relocating and need to choose between San Francisco and Boston. No one has answered my SF vs Boston Question, so let me rephrase… Is there a lot more design in San Francisco and the silicon valley as opposed to Boston.

Really appreciate your advice…

These questions are crazy because who knows what kind of design you’re interested in. Who knows what your background is. No one. Do you really expect a dissertation on your future with no knowledge of what you do and who you are. Figure out what interests you and go for it. If while figuring this out and you come across specific questions, I would than suggest this message board. Otherwise I wouldn’t move anywhere to you figure that stuff out.

that was a bit harsh, assuming this is a site and forum based around industrial design.

Anyway, I know nothing about Boston, but I can give you some advice on SF and the Bay area.

There is design going on there, but I would not suggest moving there until you secure a position. That is unless, you have an insatiable amount of cash fall back on. There are few positions available, and a lot of freelancing (unemployed) designers battling for those positions.

It is an extremely expensive place to live and enjoy yourself. I did it for a year, and never found a steady job. I had just graduated from a top school, with a top portfolio, and have had tremendous success since then. But, I never thought I would still be struggling that much after school.

Unless things have changed drastically in the past two years, my advice is to only go there if you have secured a steady job (not a freelance job that you are assuming will turn into more). Don’t get me wrong, I loved SF and enjoyed myself, but I had to find work elsewhere.

San Francisco is still an extremely competitive market, there are less than 10 consumer products manufacturers (the largest consumers of ID services)in the bay are over $30m, not to mention that there are not 1, not 2, but 3 industrial design schools in a city of 700k people. The largest ID employer in the city is Williams Sonoma’s design center…not a place I would recommend.

That said, Boston is also a tough city to crack. While the bay area’s economy is focused around semiconductors, Boston’s economy is more broad with a larger number of well established companies. There used to be a lot of toy work in the Boston/RI/CT area. I don’t know how consolidation in that market has effected the market. There also seems to be a lot of shoe design going on up there for some reason. The only ID school that you are competing with is MassArt which has a very uneven reputation.

too many designers everywhere

Hi- first post

I’m in San Jose, and there are few jobs. I know that landlords in Santa Cruz are only renting to people who lived in the are for at least five years, and I’m starting to see that trend here in San Jose too.

What area are you currently in? There is nothing near you or your hometown?

I would definitly secure a postion if you want to be in SF, but many jobs that my colleagues have had were short term, and not really worth relocating to the bay area.

I’ve found in my recent job search that location will not be something I can choose. If you want that power start writing a book. :smiley:

Good advice to secure a job before moving unless you have LOTS of family cash to fall on.

Vacation in those locations lots and interview there lots… but don’t move till you have a job.

Living in a place and enjoying/vacationing a location are 2 different things!