San Fran here I come

Looking to apply for companies like ONE & CO, ASTRO and FUSEPROJECT. I have no work experience, but strong design sense and process skills to back it up. Any recommendations? (Skill emphasis, interview, mailer etc.)

Let see what you got. Those com are hard to get into, esp w/o exp.

one & co already have who they’re lookin’ for. Astro is not hiring and Fuse- well good luck to you. They’re a bit elitest - hard to get into. Good luck to you - I’m in the search too - just haven’t found the right opportunity.

Those places have tons of applicants who are experienced and can’t get in. It will be a real fluke if they hired you to be quite honest. There are few jobs in the ID field, San Fran is one of the most competitive places even for experienced, seasoned designers with killer portfolios. I don’t know your work but in general if you do not have expereince or strong skill sets you won’t stand a chance.

Check out these Coroflot portfolios…these are all guys who have been hired by Astro over the past year or so. It will at least give you and idea of where you stand. I know for a fact they all have more stuff in their folio’s that kill the stuff they show online.

full time:

and for internship:

Thats some really work. He’s right unless you have a portfolio like that don’t bother wasting your postage/fedex money.

networking is really important

don’t let the negative energy get you down, man. go for it! If it doesn’t pan out don’t just sit on your portfolio, constantly revise and improve your work.
I worked at one of those firms and and turned down an offer from the “elitist” one, it is not impossible…good luck.

If you’re interested in working at any of the before mentioned studios, go check them out. I can’t hurt. At a bare minimum, call and asked if you may stop by and check out the studio. Where I can’t speak for all of the studios in SF, most are very open to sharing and showing their space and work. Explain your situation, be honest, and simply show up. The rest will naturally follow…

461 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


Is there an opportunity @ astro for a new hire?

do you know?


Do not call it San Fran! You will offend the locals!


Anyone know how much SALARY I should ask for with 3+ yrs of experience in BayArea for ID corporate/consultancy?

$65k to 75k sounds about right?

Apply for any and all places you are interested in, you never know what can work out. Maybe you will be turned down but it will only make you work harder for what you want, or you jsut might end up working at that place you dream of.

I always liked this quote. Just something to think about.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky

Good luck.


$65K sounds about right. Thats equivalent to making $40,000 in the Midwest. Which is at best, modest. But in reality are employers actually paying in the $65-75 range?

3 years ago i was hired as a mid level industrial designer for 50K in a small ID/engineering consultancy in SF. I had 6 years experience in consulting environments doing a mix of product categories. Figure the cost of living increase, your skills etc. and it might just bring close to about 60K.

any other input?

I just left a position paying 55K in the Bay Area (not SF). I had been there four years, and had 3 good years of experience behind me. I think I was underpaid, but the singletrack in the park out back, and the fact that we stayed in business through the slowdown, made it worthwhile I guess. 60-65K for 3 years of exp in SF sounds high to me. I’d say more like 50K.

Ask for 55k and up. Take nothing lower than 50k if you’re planning to stay in the city.