san diego

anything happening in san diego? just visited & loved it, considering moving out there.

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Yeah, definitely alot to love out there! Too bad the cost of living is out of control out there. I’d be interested to see if the payscale out there is in line with the cost of living? I’m thinking it’s not.

But to answer your question, not sure what’s in SD. I think Gateway is out there, I remember seeing an ad for HP looking for a designer in SD. Not sure what else.

I heard sony is out there too.

San Diego is exploding right now. The area is nice because the climate is great and there is some cultural community. It’s become an alternative to Orange county and LA sprawl.

I recently heard that most people in San Diego love it, but many are considering leaving because of the crowding. Traffic is an issue now more than before, but it’s all relative. It’s not L.A.

If you are considering relocation, I’d make sure it has what you need for a job and whatever you’re in to.

A few people I know moved down there to Poway, just south of SD. It’s kind of like Henderson is to Las Vegas. If your not looking at the map, it doesn’t matter what city you’re in.

It’s an amazing city if you like recreation. Best weather in the country, pretty much 78 degrees and sunny year round. It seems like everyone’s got a surf board and some other bizarre hobby. Like the bay area, it’s also obscenely expensive. Only 7% of residents can afford to own in the current market where the median home price tops $520,000. Lots of people rent, or face long commutes from inland or north county.

Product design is slim, there’s not even an IDSA chapter here (yet.) But Orange County and LA are right up the road.

Nissan Design International has been the hotbed since Jerry based it here in 25 years ago. Other opps exist in-house at numerous biomedical manufacturers and telecoms (Qualcomm being the largest.) Plenty of software manufacturers (Intuit etc.)

The consultancies include DD Studio, Ziba (new), Gad Shannan (satellite office.)