Samsung SF Office

does anyone know the current state of the samsung office in SF. How many designers, what are the resposibilitys, are most senior staff korean…the usual.

The are combining the 2 offices from before into the one in SF so curious if anyone knows the organization there…downsizing or makeing better communication, why all in SF

Samsung has many buildings and branches all over the Nation and in other countries as well.
Not sure about SF Design Lab, but from what I heard, it is currently expanding in scale.
Most of Senior Designers are not actually Koreans. They are selected from different backgrounds with strong skills.
The story is different if you are working for Samsung Korea or Samsung China…etc. However Samsung America works with Americans and selected number of Koreans.

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wow that guy is either employed by samsung or a prisoner in their basement

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yeah it sucks there. I hate it

yeah it sucks there. I hate it

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Samsung is a Korean company hence the Korean senior VIPS… it’s better than LG from what I hear. If the money plus overtime is right, then who cares! You can adapt.