Hello Core77, this is my latest cellphone design. The phone was designed nearly 6 months ago, but I never got to fully rendering and packaging the device. This is my favorite phone so far, so hopefully you guys will enjoy looking at it. BTW, you may remember this from a while ago: LG Synthesis - A Concept Phone

Personal Info:
Name - Andrew Kim
Age - 16
Future - Preparing for admission to CCS.
Contact - designfabulous[at]

Beautiful presentation. I recognized your work immediately.

First thoughts: I like the detailing. It’s neat how you use the same shape from the speaker in the graphic design of the interface. Also, that looks like a cartoon speach baloon. Nice.

I haven’t seen the kind of integration of other products on a cel phone before. It’s a great idea to boost revenue streams.

Watch your perspective. That first image just looks off until I looked at your orthographic and figured out the shape. It looks like you used an orthographic and distorted it for your perspective. The readability of the form is suffering because of that.

I’d like to see more ideas (just sketches) as a design project. At work, you would be generating many ideas each day, and perhaps several presentations at this level in a day.

Dope “Proudly made on Windows” tag line!
Go PC!

Nice layouts and presentation, can see some progress since your last post. Definitely want to see process, doesn’t matter if you’re presenting infront of your superiors or admissions, they want to see how you came to your final solution. A final rendering can only do so much.

I enjoyed the time you put into the UI, theres lots of areas to explore/innovate cell phone user interaction.


You have a great eye for aesthetics, you know what looks good, especially graphically. But I dunno about ther perfume, phones are full of enough unnessecary features and I don’t really see where perfume fits in. You mention that anyone can enjoy the Lavender phone, I’m a guy, I’m all for smelling good, but not of lavender. There’s no real soloution, you’ve created something that is beautiful but doesn’t really answer any questions. But your 16 with crazy photoshop skills and a good eye… Next time you start a project write yourself your own breif, targets, a soloution to a problem or an observation, something with a bit more meat.

You proved you can present a final idea, we all know this, but did you just render this straight away? What you’ve shown is a very small part of the process. Rough it up a bit and show some sketching.

Nice work! Keep it up!

Thanks for the comments everyone. I didn’t render from scratch and there was more work before. I’d like to post the sketches, but my camera is currently being repaired by Nikon. I’ll get them up as soon as possible.

I look at your phone concept and I frankly think, “meh”.

Your presentation skills and story telling are great. You are definitely honing that side of your skillset. But all I see when I look at the concept is an under refined concept. There is nothing in the presentation that gives me any indication that you’re familiar with the manufacturing processes and basic requirements of the manufacturing of a phone.

It is that attention to detail that will take your concept to the next level. The concept is purdy but it lacks substance.

As I recall, you’re not even in University yet and all of the comments I am making I would be throwing at a 3rd or 4th year student in school. So take that for what its worth.

those are really fabulous designs…great work…
I like the concept of adding features like perfume, light & clip…

Overall form is also clean …& interesting …
Superab renderings…& UI

Even you can use gemstone or diamonds…with you star lightLED…so they will shine in daytime.
one more suggestion… you should use tear drop shape at minimum spaces…

Excellent presentation and thought behind the UI.

Think deeper about your “accessories”, being a social device consider the expansion in the UI and capabilities of attaching another user’s phone to the bottom for social networking, games, dating, info exchange, etc.

All in all very impressive, thanks for sharing.


I have to say great work. I found your designs on while doing some cosmetic Pkg research and had to send it out to all of my colleagues. You real have a great eye especially for only being 16. Keep it up!!!

Thanks everyone, I’d like to just say that I have been accepted into CCS (College for Creative Studies) and nominated for a $80,000 scholarship. I’ll be uploading the sketches for this phone very soon, but just check out the mock-up I made from clay for now:

Drew show me your portfolio on email please

WOW! Excellent presentation for only being 16. I think I was focused on chasing girls and just learning to sculpt when I was that age. :blush:

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Nice presentation :bulb:

This inspired me a lot. It’s a very nice design with an excellent presentation.