Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled

Whooptee doo, not sure there is much new i.d. wise.

As implied in the OP, not much to say…I wonder what it would be like to be the designer on this. I wonder how much time was spent on it, it seems the brief was pretty tight. They probably took the S4 3D and started pulling CVs from there to match exact size requirements.

Are there any Samsung fanboy sites? Is there a Samsung Rumors page? They are nice phones, quality-wise, they’re just nothing special. I’d like to see them run something other than Android.

Galaxy S5 is pretty boring, but no surprise there.

The Gear Fit is interesting though. Probbaly the best thing at MWC. It’s really big still but the ID with long aspect ratio, curved screen is starting to get interesting. Samsung Design America did a nice job with this. This is the difference between specing a display from an OEM, and being the OEM.

not my pics, or arm…

Related to 'is there anything special?"- I think Samsung is moving in a very good direction with these latest devices. Last week I picked up a Note Pro 12.2 (we’ve been searching for a PC tablet replacement for 2 years and since the duties of a mobile PC have slowly been evolving, this seemed like an option to test - on paper this satisfied the following; mobile & light (about a pound), adequate for observational research (take pics, sketch, document findings), review CAD (loaded eDrawings Pro, already has sketchbook Pro for sketching and marking up), adequate for admin (has an office suite, full size virtual keyboard, good email integration, all the social media apps, etc) and works for personal consumption (linked to our servers with Airstream app, connected to our DropBox, OneDrive, etc) and has full-day battery life.

So is anything special? - yes, the SPen (replaced with a full size Wacom stylus) is integral to why the Note Pro is fitting in (so far) for our workflow. The 12.2 is as small as I’d like a sketching palette to be, but because its Wacom tech with 1024 levels, it does the trick.

I didn’t think Android could handle what we do but so far so good, no lag and no obvious lack of essential apps. As soon as the Zagg keyboard/case is available (in white) I think it will help this thing for ‘laptop’ duties;