samples for entry level job (ID)

hey guys,
when you see a job posting for an entry level designer and they ask for like 3 samples of your work, what should you show? one of sketches, one of 3d modeling, and one of physical model or three projects with everything in each project??
thank you

three samples of your work, should be your best three projects. From concept sketches all the way thru the final deliverable (physical or 3d model et cetera).

companies like to see your PROCESS, where your great ideas came from …what you went thru to get to that final concept. It will give them a good idea of your thought process and how you work.

I would agree with the above, but add as a variation you could do two projects start to finish, and one page of what you love (i.e. if you love sketching, throw in a page with samples of your best sketches from varios projects, or models, or renderings ect)