sample work

hi, i just graduate from the univercity and start looking for jobs. Here is my question, meny companies asked me to send my sample work by e-mail.
I prepaered with PDF files with about 5 projects. each projects has about 6 pages include some design process, so came out like 30 pages! it’s too much, isn’t it? Am i suppose to send 2-3 pages with only finals? How much and how many projects am I suppose to submit as my sample work?

30 pages can be overwhelming, plus you want to save something for when they call for a face to face.

Think appetizer, not main course!

probably don’t show more than one page per project unless you feel it is absolutely necessary…it still probably isn’t

use one page to show your best sketching, one to show best final model, one slide that shows the best research / mapping, one that shows your best rendering etc… on these pages you can still show some of the rest of the process for the projects, but there should be one focal point that serves as a highlight for the page and the project

make maximum impact in a small package, the background is for the interview

thanks ID, i have had the same question for a minute and that was a concise an answer that i have seen.

glad to be of some help JB

what you base your happiness around…rhinoceros, vellum, or sketch paper