Sample Portfolio's (which is the best to make)

Hi All,

I want to make a sample portfolio to send to companys but I’m not sure what kind is best for me to do. Wanting some advise I would like to hear from people working in design companys that focus on Industrial Design, and hear what they are looking for to call a person in for an interview.

  1. What is the best shape and size along with what dosen’t work?

  2. How much information should be in it, and what should not?

  3. What is the best mix of work in todays market (what are the hot thigs to add)?

  4. What get’s the most attention in layout and color?

  5. How detailed should I go in the graphics?

I know that everyone is different and styles vary but knowing what works well in general helps deliver the best work. Any other information I forgot would be great to hear from others.