Sample Portfolio Review and Feedback

I’d appreciate any feedback you might have on the linked sample portfolio. Thank you in advance.


Your sampler shows promise. One suggestion I would make is creating focus on your pages. Try and use scale, imagery and text to lead the viewers eye through the page. Your pages seem a little fragmented in focus. I would also get rid of the Technical drawing section as making technical drawing from hand doesn’t seem relevent any longer. Good start.


You’ve got some great sketching in there but I don’t feel that your layout shows it off as well as it could and I am left wondering what you are trying to show with the sketchwork and imagery that you have used. Try and think about how a viewer will approach your folio - what do they want to see first? How are they going to discover how you were thinking when developing a design, and what are your core skills? Also, why did you chose to design a particular product and how is your design an improvement on what is already out there? A user trip for the children’s oral health care product would be a great way of explaining this.

Finally, it would be nice to see a broader range of work in there but I agree that the technical drawings seem unnecessary.

You have a good base to work from, it is just the niggles that need some attention…