sample contracts

Does anybody know where I can get some sample contracts for freelance product design work? Something I can download. I just need something to get me started. Thanks in adance.

I would suggest paying a lawyer to write one up for you. It’s money well spent in the end!

I’m going to get a lawyer, but I want something to have to prepare with.

There are just some things you shouldn’t ask fellow designers for.

The first contract I had drawn up by my lawyer cost $100 - $150. The lawyer was the best intellectual properties lawyer, working at the biggest firm in the city and at $100 I was getting a DEAL! The most recent contract cost $3,000 + and I still feel like I am getting a good deal (not as good a the first one though, he just wanted to get me as a client that time). I have said this before on this board, as designers we may not like the fact, but we need lawyers - it’s just the nature of our business.