Salomon Concepts

Can I get some comments?

It looks like a lot of time was put into the backgrounds. Right now I would focus on what you are trying to do with the footwear design… how do these bring something new to the marketplace? Who are they for? For what functions? What can inform the design to push them?

Do you think that I should maybe add another page stating these things and showing some research?

The picture is so small that I can’t see the sho designs or the sketches very well.

The graphics overpower the shoes and frame them making them look small and insignificant.

Post higher res images of the shoes and sketches by themselves.


Sorry. I’ve had trouble posting images on here. If you go to my website I have the Salomon concept updated.

I think you should lose the backgrounds. The sketches are nice and could stand on their own. Right now they are overpowered by the imagery.

This is a good article on Gestalt:

“The trick is to strike a balance between unity and variety. Too much unity and the design can look boring and repetitive; too much variety and it can look chaotic and disconnected. Understanding gestalt concepts can help a designer control unity and variety.”

Here’s an example:
I did this layout and Jonathan Mahieddine did the car concept/illustrations.

I made the text have a definite hierarchy and made the illustrators name/logo stand out on the bottom. The colored tab/line at the top would be for the titles. The right side would be for the name and company logo.

The colored dash on the right side just brings your eye down into the bottom where the illustrators name is. I kept the right side of the image white so that the viewers eye can flow down the white space and added a marker swoosh behind the sketches to tie them all together.

By keeping all the graphics simple and clean, I gave the page a more regal look.

Here one of the original layouts: Designerspace [ Car design picture: "PLANCHE 1 CITROËN C-NIRMALA" ]