Sales Engineer job versus Architecture at RPI versus...

So, I am hoping for some opinions.

My background so far has been Mechanical Engineering with a second degree in scientific and Technical Communications.
Think, some 3D modeling, some graphic design in the Adobe Suite and Marketing work.

I’ve since graduation applied to jobs and grad programs.

Recently I now have the options: Architecture at Rensselaer PolyTechnic Institute
Sales Engineering job at a small startup that does Pressure Analyzers (Advanced Anlytics) that pays 45 k a year.
Electrical Engineering Graduate School at my undergrad (Michigan Tech University)
POSSIBLY, but they haven’t made an offer yet, entry level System Admin job for a community website in Boston.

My goal is to eventually end up in a job that lets me be creative but also express my engineering side.

Out of people’s experience on here, which of these routes sounds like it may have teh best possibility of being able to be creative?
I’m interested in Architecture but I’m hoping to make over 50 k in my entry level jobs if I can, at least.
The goal behind going back for Electrical Engineering is that I may be able to approach Apple in a few years (they don’t seem to hire Mechanical Engineers).

Thoughts? Helpful advice? Opinions on RPI as a graduate school? Opinions on maybe working first and then going back to school?

if you can work for a year or two before going back to school, it’ll look good on the resume.
(It’s clear that you want what grad school offers and your not just killing time cause the economy is slow)

45k a year for a new ME grad is low… only take it if the job gets your heart racing.

hmmm… creative jobs that let you express engineering?

Architecture is good.
Sales engineering not so much. Those guys make my life easy because they know everything about one thing (pumps, gages, foam, etc.), not alot of diversity.
I cringe at the thought of electrical engineering, but can’t definitively say that there aren’t creative jobs for it.

quick side note, if you do go to RPI, don’t let them trick you into thinking that any company uses Unigraphics. The president there is on the board of some Fortune 50 company that uses UG, so they are ripping off the students (who used to be learning solidworks).

Haha, my undergrad used UGNX5…and yeah, noone uses it

Update, just got accepted into University of Michigan for architecture…a week after starting the sales enginering job. Quitting the job, going to ann arbor, fuck corporate life I want to make cool things!