What would be a reasonable salary to ask for someone with 3 and half years experience at a Top name firm showing interest in me in New York?

Also I have a BFA and an MFA.

i’d ask for 150k

I would ask for 130K, but really drive hard for stock options.

Generally you wouldn’t ask for that much with 3 1/2 years design experience, but since it’s in New York and it’s an etremely expenisive place to live…as well as it’s a top design firm… I would say 120k to 130k

I got a friend who makes $230,000US in NYC. So I think you should try for that.

150K… with 3 and a half years design experience… I’d laugh in your face!!!

yeah… but that’s “A” friend… not everyone makes that… 230K is a ridiculous amount to ask for… you only have 3 and a half years under your belt… you’re just nipping at the toes of a junior designer…maybe if you had 7 to 10 years experience.

this is so absurd its gotta be a joke.

my friend got an offer for $115K at Smartdesign in NYC. he has about 4 yrs experience.

wow! so how much should a designer with 2-3 years of experience be making working at, lets say… LG…or Whirlpool…or Electrolux?

Boise… No f-ing way.

4 years and 115k.


NYC pays shit.

Believe me, don’t believe me, makes no difference to me. Thats a fact. He just dropped me off in his new M3 today. Give him a call if you want. 415-355-6207 -

i’m sure he will really appreciate you posting his details here.
total strangers ringing up wanting to know how much he is paid.
nice friend.

3.5 yrs + MFA = 150K is reasonable (you can probably use the MFA as a leverage)

But you’ll be surprised how much 150K is really worth in NYC, especially when your rent will be $9K a month and you don’t even own it.

Make sure you get into their stock options and 401K.

Ummm I think Joost has a bit more experience than 4 years…

I think in NY with 3-4 years you are looking at 55-65k

I’m in Boston, ok firm, 3 yrs, 85k.

:sunglasses: says 55K-75k 3-4 years

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