salary negotiations

I recently interviewed for a job and was asked to submit a proposal for a salary package. The job will be doing some bitch work but working my way into full time marketing communications based on performance, i.e. start out with little responsibility and work my way into alot of it. This is my first job out of college, just wondering how I should approach the whole issues of benefits and establishing performance based pay increase. Thanks!

This can be a tough one. During the interview I would definitely bring up “how annual raises are determined.” NEVER ask this in your first interview. Instead I would bring in up in your final interview. The key way to approach this question is with some thought.

You need to portray yourself as a potential employee who see’s herself as a strong candidate that is very interested in working with the company your interviewing with. In other words your a person who is a hard worker and an asset to that company.

You should not portray yourself as someone who would easily be bored with the job and desperately finding away to make as much money as you can. (Even though this is very important)

Remember you are interviewing them almost as much as they are you. Usually they will ask if you have any questions. This is where you would like to ask 3 questions. Maybe start with "what is the company culture etc… Then definitely end it with "How are annual raises determined?

If you play this right, you will be looked as a go getter rather than a person who would easily grt bored with the position and jump ship when a better offer comes along.

Ultimately raises are about 3 to 5% a year, unless you switch job titles. Thats why people always never stay with the first job out of college. I stayed with my first job for 2 and a half years but had to leave and saw my salary increase by 20%

good luck