Salary medical device designer.

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I am doing a quick and personal comparison/survey. I was wondering if any of you guys know the approximate salary of a senior/lead industrial designer (9 years) working for a medical device company? I’m thinking specifically Ethicon, Covidien or applied medical, but any related really. I’m not concerned about location, just an approximate salary.

This information would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks cg

I was more looking for industry specifics. I have been through the survey but I would like to have more comparable results.
Do you think, in your opinion the results would be similar across all industries?


IMO, the only difference beween a medical IDer and a non-medical IDer is experience with the quality system. I suppose you could argue device design may need a deeper knowledge base, but I wouldn’t make that claim.

Experience with the quality system does deserve a higher premium. How much, I don’t know. 10%? 20%?

I guess your right about knowledge of the quality system, it does make sense, but honestly I don’t think it would make a lot of difference. Just as a matter of interest, how accurate to do believe the salary survey is? If seems that a low of $2000 and a high of $800,000 is enough to skew the mid range results. Do any of you have a opinion on what a senior/lead designer with 9 years experience would make? I know it depends on a lot of factors but I’m really just looking for a reasonable average. Are there any other surveys I could look at that you know of.

MDDI salary survey (full report costs $195) -

MDDI salary calculator (free) -

Thanks for the links … according to the calculator it seems like they do make more than nonmedical related ID-ish jobs.

My theory on the better pay is:

It’s a specialty with higher demands and fewer interested candidates. Supply & demand.
Medical device manufacturers have high margins and higher salaries overall