salary level entry Europe - Italy

Hello everybody.

I’m will be really curious to know the level salary of a beginner designer in Europe and Italy.
I’m graduated in Master of Automotive Design (5 years) and I have found a job in Italy in automotive.
But, the employer propose to me a salary of 1 400€/month, no extras, nothing more… It is normal?

thank you for your opinion

I’d think that 1400€/month net is on the low to medium scale for a fresh graduate in Italy. If it is a well-known firm, I’d say take it and make sure you get to know lots of the higher-ups. Fingers crossed someone more knowledgeable chimes in. :smiley:

Ah ok … So that can be normal to win 1,400€ every months in automotive design…
I earn the same salary as some of my friends without qualifications no studies, except me I need to repay my very expensive studies…

If anyone knows a website or list with pay proportions by country, I’m will be very interested.


That’s extremely low. I suppose the pay is lower in the Southern EU, but I got twice that amount when I started in Northern EU. Anything below €2000 sounds extremely bad. I was offered an internship that payed €1200.

But - economy is what it is. Greece,Spain, Portugal collapsing, perhaps Italy is next? You should consider taking it to get the foot in the door and look for something better. Even if only for 1 month. Network, develop portfolio, show your skills, demand higher pay.

I think you get smile, because I’ve already negotiate my salary one time.
The first time they proposed me 1,200€ at months…

Really I know with economic crisis is very difficult to find a job in automotive design.
I’ve took this job for my personal experience and live my passion.

I think more and more to leave this situation. The life in Italy is very expensive, social security is very low and salary also poor.

Well everyone wants to live the dream… Working as an expat designer in Italy. If the 1400 is after taxes I’d fear it to be in the normal range for an entry level job.

Be glad you are not in product. They’d propose to you to work for food and shelter.
Be glad you are not in fashion they’d want you to pay for the pleasure to be part of it .

Aside from these idiocies take this job as a foundation for wrestling your way into a better (paid) one.



it depends a lot on the location in italy and kind of company. agencies, studios and such are not paying as well as if you are working for lets say FIAT directly.
As long as you are talking 1400 € after taxes, then that´s not uncommon for an entry position. that would be like 2000 before taxes?

Not saying it is a great deal, but it´s not the worst either.

Crushingly accurate

Quite late post, but 1400 euros in Italy to me sounds as a super good number. I used to study there and i know numerous students that would work for almost nothing (work, no internship). Myself, when i was interviewed by a rather well-known fashion/luxury brand (belonging to a huge luxury group) i was proposed the amazing number of 500e as their main accessories designer. Well, the chief designer was a nice lady and when she saw my face when she said the number (i was speechless ) she said… “well… you are a foreigner so maybe it could get up to 700e”…
so 1400 sounds like a dream salary!

I think it’s not that bad, but it depends also on your experience and qualifications. I have friends who make that as juniors in Germany. Do they pay you 12 or 14 wages a year?

No it’s never too late to answer.

Unfortunately it’s so difficult to find the salary of different designers jobs by country, there are really no numbers. For my case (I speak about automobile design) I think 1400€/months is very low, because after 5 years of studies at 6000€/yrs it’s really hard to have normal life and not finishing a month in the red …

I’ve talking with some “automotive designers” friends who work in Germany, in England in different brands and their salary for a young worker (hired after diploma) start around 1800€.

I think I’ll leave Italy as soon as possible, salary are very low, life and costs are lot expensive (benzina around 1.80€/L and more)…

Hello ChromeSparks77

Maybe I reply you a bit late but my story can probably help you and other designers to know the working situation in Italy.

I think it’s very difficult to work as car designer in Italy.
Salary are very low from other location - very small and old apartments (mid 70s) - life quality is not really good. As fashion and design capital it’s very disappointing! Oh yes do not forget the extremely expensive gasoline…Life so far from ideal life of designer…

About my experience I’ve worked at coachbuilder in Milan. Before arriving I had a nice speech, exceptional opportunity, exceptional working conditions … But impossible to know the proposed salary. In times of economic/automobile crisis and very poor offers on the market I was afraid of missing this opportunity and I’ve accepted.
Result … proposed salary 1200€
No organization, working with extremely old equipment(purple Intuos2, photoshop CS2,….).
We were constantly under pressure but we didn’t have the means to do a good job. Today all the team team has leave the company…. (remind yourself to the nice speech above)

I think it’s really important to have a good team and minimum good living conditions to be effective at work, particularly in the design. Earn a salary equivalent to those without years of study and live in an apartment of 25m2 with style of 70’s, trying to not spend too much money at supermarket isn’t easy, not motivating. Other car designers friends have the same problems and seek a solution to leave Italy.

I’m really disappointed about this experience and the disaster of this country. I am a fan of Italian cars, but today the situation is unfortunately dramatic as economic than automotive. FIAT group produce bad car and has killed Lancia’s Alfa’s; the rest disappeared as Bertone or became the property of Germans