Salary for Junior ID

What was your starting salary as a Junior Industrial Designer?

  • 20-30k
  • 30-40k
  • 40-50k
  • 50-60k
  • 60k-70k
  • over 70k

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Hello, I am a recent ID grad with some internship exp, I got a job offer for 30K. According to the average salary for junior ID is 50K in my area. How accurate is that website?

I would also like to get a sense of other junior designer’s salary in order to compare. Please help, thanks in advance!

:slight_smile: I know I shouldn’t place too much emphasis on money, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Salary is dependent on various things. Industry and Location play a huge factor into that. I recommended checking out and looking for your firm, or firms in the area and seeing what is reported.