salary/fee backfiring!

Hi Guys,

Totally stressing here. Lately I’ve been looking for work. I’ve had a couple of job offers and I’ve accepted. However, when it comes time to discussing salary and/or freelance rates: it’s totally backfiring on me. I realize that every company is not the same in terms of budgeting and what they can afford so in knowing that, I’m happy to work with the company to come up with a happy medium. Usually the other person will say something along the lines of, “let me know what you need to get this started” or “what kind of salary are you looking for”, etc. Instead of stating a rate or price, I let them know what I’ve been paid recently for the last 2 or 3 jobs. For some reason it’s backfiring on me and I end up losing the job. Even after they’ve offered me the position! I know that my rate isn’t unreasonable because #1, I’ve been in the footwear industry quite some time and #2, friends of the same position are getting the same salary. Is it just a coincidence that I’m meeting with companies who are looking for senior level employees but want to pay college level salaries???

I’d like to know your tactics on how to approach the salary/freelance rate topic so that it turns out favorable instead of financial sabotage. Thanks for any suggestions!! :blush:


A job offer is not a job offer if you haven’t talked $. They haven’t offered you the position at that point, but are taking you into consideration, so you haven’t really lost a job offer. You never had one. you had consideration or interest, that’s all.

I don’t understand. After you tell them what you’ve made the last 2 or 3 jobs, what happens. Do they escort you out of the building? Do they come back with another number? Do they laugh at you?

Either you want too much or they don’t want to pay what you are worth in both cases you wouldn’t end up working for them anyhow. Giving out a number can’t hurt, it’s gets the ball rolling. Alternatively you could ask what the budget for the position is and see where that puts you.


Right, an offer is a letter on paper saying “we will pay you $X” - you can try to negotiate and say “I’d like $2X” and they can say no, but you should still be able to retain the original offer.

Couldn’t really comment otherwise without being in the employers shoes. You may be pricing out of their range, or that may just be what their salary is for that position.

However, when it comes time to discussing salary and/or freelance rates: it’s totally backfiring on me.

So, which is it; a salaried position (aka: a job), or a free-lance gig (aka: a consultant) ?

I’m sure you are aware that “consultants” are generally paid at a higher rate than full-time employees.

Hey, Lets drop some real numbers here? At least a range, and where is the position? 50K in the midwest could be ok , but not in L.A.