salaries for design manager in Finland

I’m considering relocation to a large multi-national telecom company in Finland as manager for the design/graphics team.

I have very less knowledge about Finland as a country and even lesser knowledge about the design industry there. Can somebody give me an idea of what could be a good salary to expect for a person with 7-8 years experience.




By way of introduction let me say I work for the same “large multi-national telecom company in Finland” :wink: although not for the same department you would be joining.

Without knowing the exact nature of your role (are you the regional manager, or the global manager based in Finland) it is difficult to say what salary you could expect. However I can give you some idea of what workiing in Finland entails…

The first thing to say is that if your primary objective is to get rich, don’t come here! Salaries in general are pretty low, this is especially true for designers, and particularly in comparison to the US. There are two main reasons: first Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, and it’s free, which means a steady supply graduates somewhat outstrips demand. Secondly Finland (along with the other Nordic countries) has a strong social welfare system, but this is paid for by high taxes. You can expect to pay at least 40% of your salary to the government, although you should also ask about a ‘special deal’ for foreigners, I think it lasts for two years, where you pay a flat rate of 30%.

Having said that, there are many other things to consider before moving here. If your ideal place of work is London or New York you’ll probably find Helsinki nightlife a bit limiting. And if you like warm sun, the winters can be harsh. But if you’re into hiking, biking, fishing, and especially winter sports like cross country skiing etc then you’ll love it. Finland is also extremely safe - mugging, let alone gun crime, is virtually unheard of. And if you have kids the school and pre-school systems make the high taxes easier to bear. It’s also easy to explore the rest of Europe (you can get flights to London for €40, Estonia is a three hour ferry journey) as well as Russia. And on top of all that, by law you are entitled to a four week summer holiday (and everyone takes it).

To sum up, I’ve lived here almost five years and I’m very happy. But the wages could be better.

Good luck, whatever your decision


Soumessa -
Thanks for the insight. It was very useful. If it’s not asking for too much, could you please give me your email address. I would like to take this discussion offline and ask about not just the salary but other aspects as well. For obvious reasons, I can’t share my contact info here! :slight_smile:

Look fwd to hearing from you.


Don’t want to post my work e-mail here, so here’s one I just created:

If your transfer is secret at the moment you should probably keep your name private… there’s a good chance I will know who you are