saic portfolio interview how to dress???

hey guys, kinda dumb i know, but i have my portfolio interview comin up for undergrad admissions at saic in a couple days and was wonderin if i need to dress up. my usual clothes are just skinny jeans and a t shirt (normally a size too big). should i try to dress decent?

Why not? Get a dress shirt and some clean sneakers. Skinny jeans are fine. Dress shirt can be unbuttoned at the top showing some t-shirt from under. Just look nice and make a good first impression. Leave no room for them to make any prejudiced judgements before they interact with you.

In the interview, I’d recommend capitalizing the first letters in your sentences, and not dropping your “g’s”

If you want professional advice, phrase your question professionally.

Pretty harsh response Yo considering you capitalized the word ‘phrase’ in your sentence.

Corrected, thanks for the catch. Though of course in this case I am not the one soliciting advice on the my future. If you want the collective mind of this community to care, it helps to care enough to put the G at the end of a word. This is a well documented grip that can be found here:

I think it was frank advice, but far from harsh.

Your outfit will not matter; just make sure your portfolio isn’t made up of a bunch of cookie cutter projects. Show you have a unique point of view, show that you’ve produced a lot of work (failures and successes) and show that you’re dedicated to your work while having the desire to learn new things.

SAIC awards several terrific scholarships, they have to, but you have to earn it.

thanks i appreciate the tips. my interview went really well, and they accepted me on the spot and i even got a scholarship, but i didnt get financial aid and now im trying to find a way to pay for the school. not sure if im gonna get to go or not now. huge disappointment

Sorry yo for not being professional enough for you, but thanks for your input anyway.