"safe" plastic

I haven’t looked at this site in few years but it was still in my bookmarks from when i was fresh out of school.

they are a sheet material supplier, but their website has a pull down menu to select from quite a few different types of plastics to give you a pretty concise intro to various types of materials.

If you look at the site for too long you’ll probably get a headache


you could also call a compounder and describe your ideal material and then let them do the work.

Those guys are usually pretty eager to develop relationships and help out.
If you need a recommendation let me know.

GE Plastics was going to be my $0.02, but I just went to the site and it has totally changed. It is called Sabic, or something or other.

I remember being able to call GE Plastics and talk to someone who would help me figure out exactly the material I needed based on a description.


Not sure if it will help now that everything has changed.

Give Bayer a try. I know the make plastics specifically for children’s applications


check out http://www.matweb.com

That’s because GE sold their plastics division to Sabic… the reps all have new cards and emails sigs, but nothing has really changed.

Radical suggestion: pick up the phone and call them?

BayerMaterialScienceNAFTA.com is a good place to look. I am in charge of designer networks and outreach. Check the website and then contact me with any further questions. We are the largest supplier of high-tech polycarbonate and polyurethanes worldwide.

You mean the stuff with the BPA in it? :wink:

I think you’re looking for

http://www.ides.com/ and the “prospector” search function