Saab Aero X

Have you guys seen this… pretty nice car and website

It sure is nice to see a boundary pushed.

I get the feeling that the curves on that vehical look better in person than a picture.

The Saab guys should get a high five for taking GM outside the norm.

THIS is slick…

I didn’t understand how the doors opened. Now I see they ripped off the classis Bond Bug:

Looks awesome, but they’ll never build it. GM makes great concept cars, and either picks the wrong ones to turn into production cars (Aztec, SSR), or puts crappy mechanicals in them along the way (Solstice).

Saab’s chief designer, Michael Mauer has been pushing them this direction for years. Unfortunately, all that’s made it to production is the new 9-5 nose.

If I were a betting man, I would definately put money on any such individualism being canned in favor of rebadging Pontiacs or some such nonsense.

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