S3xiest Products Around Today

OK, can we get a little subjective and have a little fun?

In your humble opinion, what is the s3xiest Product around right now? No constraints on what defines “product”.

I want to see drool factor. Something you lust after just from looking at it. Will one of your products show up here?

I don’t get excited about laptop designs often but the new Dell Adamo is pretty sleek in my books

These are all a little old but…

I bought these JA Henckels nail clippers for my dad (about €30) but ended up keeping them for myself cause I wanted them so badly. They actually don’t function as well as the regular ones…

Sony E5500 TV

Looft BBQ lighter
I’m not sure how practical it is, but I’ve been very close to buying it just because it looks cool.

Stanley tripod light

Here are a few from my list:

nixon Murf: I love the retro analog futurism, and material mix.
There are so many s3xy espresso machines, it is hard to pick one. I went with this Bugatti machine because I like the simple forms that are very dynamic.

On the kitchen tip, this Electrolux range is pretty amazing for it’s sleek lines, I know gas heats better, but I love electric cook tops like this because they are also easy to clean, and not being a top chef, easy to clean is higher on my priorities, they are also just visually simpler of course:
Obviously I love kitchen appliances and I always likes this collection from Porsche Design. Individually they are not the best (I still love my Dualit 4 slot toaster), but as a family like them a lot.
Another from Porsche Design, this iPod system is pretty nice for its clean geometric form, I like how it could fit with a ot of different home furnishings (in my opinion).
This Zeppelin iPod system is just s3xy. Some simple and iconic. I’ve been thinking about getting it, but I feel that the visual is so strong, that it will take over my living room… so s#xy though, the opposite of the Porsche system
I love the details of the inside as well, unexpected.
And my list wouldn’t be complete without a Bell& Ross watch.
Picture 2.jpg
I have bunch more to post, but I want to let this continue to build! One thing to point out looking at my picks, almost all of them involve very understandable geometry. Several are top heavy, and almost all are black and metal.

OK, 2 quick others that have to be on the list!

Saarinen Table!
living etc. saarinen table.jpg
Panton Chair!
Do those need explanation?

On the Bugatti Tip: I was on the fence about the Veyron until I saw the Top Gear review of it. Simply amazing.

I am loving that Bugatti Veyron!

RED cinema products.

Just saw this yamaha synthesizer today on engadget, and just find it so interesting/beautiful.

And the veyron is one of my all time fav supercars, Its almost like supercar isnt good enough label for it…

Here’s the whole Top Gear episode for anyone who’s interested… (59 minutes…)

I saw that particular color int heir London showroom earlier this year, stunning in person.

Bugatti ? serious ?

Yea ok its fast and quite luxurious, but it looks bloated, everything it bulging, its weird.
Its like a Porshe, boring boring boring

You want to see a nice car ? go to http://www.lamborghini.com
The Lamborghini Murcielago is so beautiful I feel faint when looking at it, even the smaller Gallardo is pretty.
The ultimate car is the Reventon… Epic is an understatment…

It looks fast, it looks brutal, it looks how a hypercar should look.

Lovegrove has some of the best stuff I know of.

Always been a huge Lambo fan. Just think Bugatti is putting out something different, more unique. I’m also amazed that they built so many, and yet they lose upwards of $3million per car at a cost to build/cost to purchase ratio.

I always loved those Ross Lovegrove staircases.

Not the Lambo though, way too brutal. It looks like a marketing guy handed someone a brief that said StealthFighter + 4 wheels, and they took the first sketch. A little too obvious.

I think for the S#xiest car, I’d go with the Alpha 8c:
also, always loved the Marc Newson chair:

E-Turn by Brodie Neill for Kundalini

Hara by Giorgio Gurioli for Kundalini

Rega P3-24 colours Turntables

Leaf Light by Yves Behar for Herman Miller

I don’t like the front of that alfa.

Also the Reventon was styled after the FA22 Raptor fighter jet. Lambos have always been brutal, it wasnt a marketing guy who made the decision

The Mirra wasn’t brutal at all, and even the original Countach had an elegance of its own. The Revention is just total crap.

I’ve been in design snob mode lately. I can’t help it.

Talak light. Comme Des Garcons wallet. I want the black one. Can’t find an image. Alessi watches and Mondaine watches. In that order.

What do you guys think?