s a l a r y

What is the salary range for ID position (2+ yrs experience) in Bay Area?
It would be for a consultancy 20 staff for consumer products.

Need help quick cuz I’m about to give them a salary quote by end of week. Also I come from Midwest so I’m clueless when people say “its expensive to live there”

I cant really help you about pricing yourself, but i know that it is expensive to live there, when they say that “its expensive to live there” means that the cost you living is alot. The price of food to transportation will be more then what you are accustom too, and also primarely the rent. it property for rent is expensive. all of these factors should become part of your equations of a salary.

good luck, and enjoy the weather…I am stuck in New York City, wishing I was on the west coast, but all good things come with time…