Ryan Parrish Portfolio

Hello All,

I am working on my new portfolio website. I am a recent graduate of KCAD. I am working to bring my old projects from school up to my current abilities I don’t think they reflect my current abilities. I also have work from an internship although I can’t share it on the interwebs. I would like to continue working in the power tool and outdoor power equipment sector. Although, I am open to any type of work that is available to a entry level designer. Additionally, I would ideally like to work at a consultancy.

Any feedback would be appreciated


Thank You

hi Ryan. little bit of feedback to your book, it looks good. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: though i would recommend expanding your sketches a little bit on your backpack idea. you can really ground the concept if you show it in context. in this case its simply adding a person wearing the item in a final drawing. something else you could add as well is a small bumf at the front end of each project just to explain its context a little bit. your coffee maker for example has a couple of very interesting themes, but what is the ultimate design goal? are you designing a unit for people with limited dexterity, or a new loading system that doesn’t clog up as easily? cool if its both, but tell the viewer :smiley: this is part of the design storytelling, its just being direct and communicating your intentions. :stuck_out_tongue: actually, you do a great job of doing this in your thesis. just keep the theme consistent. as far as how much work you need to show…different people will have a differing opinions. but realistically, 4 to 5 projects is enough. if you like power eq, then do a study of a tool. most fresh grads will have portfolios that are very similar. by including something you enjoy and have invested time in, you can stand out.

hope that helps. if i twisted your hippocampus, apologies in advance.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for posting and I am happy to give you some feedback.

The first thing that strikes me is that your website is a bit meager in content and lacks a clear personal touch.
Your Retrieve project is clearly your best project and well visualized and explained.
The other projects are lacking in story. As does your ‘About’ section. What drives you in design?
From your pictures I see that you have a story, you just need to tell it.
Your sketching and rendering skills are OK but do not stand out. Also your form design abilities lack a bit of refinement.
These would be great exercises to make your portfolio stand out more.


Thank you for the feedback this really does help out a lot and gives me some good ideas moving forward. Thank you again for your time