russian master vcd for portrait drawing

i was wondering if anyone has or knows where one can get their hands on this 4 disk set of vcd from russia(i think). I saw this vcd titled “portrait drawings” from russian masters. the synopsis read something like “it covers all knowledge and techniques of figure drawing for one’s entrance exam into art school…blah blah…” it was written/translated in chinese, russian and english.

i’m hoping that someone knows the inside scoop on the vcd. if so, please give us the 411.


i am a Japanese, i want to know what is 411

Give Me The 411 – It’s a slang expression that basically means “give me more information”.
in most parts of North America, you can dial 411 on the telephone and get Directory Assistance. I think the expression showed up first in the rap culture.

thanks for your explaination

i get some knowledge from you