Running Shoe Design Sketches

So many running shoe sketches around here, let’s put them in one place.

A few to kick off. Uppers and outsoles welcome too. Running only.


Nothing but respect for your work and consulting business, to say nothing about running a marathon over solo laps, and your sketch style is fluid and evocative… I just wish your callouts and leader lines were a little lighter, or smaller, or thinner. Just my $.02 and admittedly I know nearly nothing about footwear design. :upside_down_face:

Thanks Slippy.

Maybe hard to read on screen but the lines/words I try to scale for good readability in my pdfs. I’ve had issue with smaller/lighter being hard to read (aside from my sometimes illegible script).

I do typically include the sketches with no call-outs first in a presentation so cleaner and nicer to see, with the marked up ones to follow, repeating what I point out verbally in a presentation and in type copy on a overview page.

Hope that makes sone sense. Yours was valuable feedback. Just trying to provide some context. :wink:


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Yeah and the callouts are cool looking too. Breezy sketchy. Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.

A few from the same project with no callouts :slight_smile:


Earlier concept, same project before it took a less radical direction.

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Altra Provision 4.5