Running shoe concept

Here is a running shoe concept I did a while ago. Any and all comments are welcome.


just one question: how would you stop getting heel lift when running? This is something you would want to avoid in my experince

second that…

i saw this on kickguide… i just think you should further the deisgn with something more funcitonal… or at least keep waht you got just develop the upper more

The T.P.U. would cup the heel like the Venus fly trap when it closes on its prey.

i just don’t think it would be comfortable. the points would probably dig in especially if the TPU would be rigid as i think it would have to be to be able to hold the heel in.

maybe you could incorporate some upper on the heel part only and leave the side open?

I agree, hardcore runners typically won’t get into anything nutty, even if there is a potential benefit… but I did an overlay for you showing how to make it a bit more feasible and simple… I sketched it on a mini post it note, so it is not the best, but you get the idea:

thanks for the feed back. Here is a different version.

that’s hot! i like it.

now i want to see the sole plate… top view… medial… :wink:

that is looking more wearable now, if you check out Yo’s sketch he considered some type of fastneing system which is needed for running unless the upper was cut like a Nike Presto or Kukinini etc. (still think you cant beta being able to control how tight they are)

The feather edge of the outsole maybe could flow from one to the other more, just in terms of height but in all is looking much cooler than the last one

If you read the description, there are little hooks that you can use to adjust the fit of the cage.

hello Designer 23

back to 99 Nike came up with a shoe called the air gauntlet, that had this kind of split between quarter and heel,

like the huarache, this shoe came out too early, probably the reason why it didn’t sold.

I had a chance to get one pair, one of the best running shoe I had a chance to experience,

I had no frictions, no mechanical problemes, because the full fore foot is tretchable so it adapts to any foot. the shoe is brilliant and responsive whatever pace u run, this is why this shoe is unique.

I really like the attempt to make something different in this conservative category. keep on going with this attidude of defying conventions and sligth modifications after feed back

one more word, your running shoe has a really good and dynamic ground line, a sweet curve, that shows you have a certain knowledge about running, or the right sense of observation

Most of the major companies designers and marketing managers are hardly understanding this aspect . ROLLING, how to save energy while running…

thats it so far

fresh job

Thanks antonell07. I appreciate your comments!

Hi Antonell 07

Can you explain your definition of rolling, i have heard this used in many ways and would be interested in getting your take on it.

For me rolling is when the planter foot is moving through gait to toe off, however soe people mean it in a pronation or supination manner. Just wondered what your thoughts are

Hello bespoke

thank you very much for the note, since this subject is one of my favorite when speaking about running.

your definition is exactly what i meant. I push the details further, I f you had the chance to run often with different shoes, u probably noticed that some shoes are rolling more than others, some are slappy.

of course i wont bore you with the weight or the kind of runner …the distance , the ground, what the outsole features, what the mid sole features, what kind of shoe (cushion, control competition…) even if I know those aspects are crucial anyway.

back to our subject, when we run, the main fact is when will the fatigue come, how can I save my energy,

Slappy shoes are consuming your energy definately its been proven, when rolling shoes are helping to keep the pace, the cadence, the energy.

back to my comment above, the shoe designed by designer 23 has already this attitude, u could almost take this base to start the technical drawing…

take the time to visit a specialist runner shop and have closer look to the different brands, you will see some of them laid perfectly well on the shelves, flat and stable, like the majority of Puma adidas, fila some nike, some new balance. then other will almost be shaped like bananas, not really stable visually on the shelves but road or underwoods shoe freaks, like Asics, Brooks, Mizuno or Saucony

then guess why those brands are market leaders, when the competitors are renewing their staff reorganizing their strategies every two years, In the meantime the leaders are, evolving growing captivating new runners.

the rolling aspect isn’t the only reason, the last, the foam formula, the constructions are part of the answer.

I am working in one of the major company, not one of the so called leader mentionned above, and I am still fighting at every level, in factories, with management with marketing to adress these crucial points that are rolling, last and plastic pieces between midsole and outsole…

here are my thoughts.

sorry all for beeing so long…u know passion…

Hi Antonell,

This is all interesting stuff and Biomechanics is also a passion of mine (but namely in soccer footwear) I work very closely with a leading sports Biomechanics team and one guy inparticular has produced many running shoe based research papers. He has also set up a clinic in London with a leading running store so that he can put the cliet into the correct shoe, looking at force distribution, leg lenth, point of flex, control etc

I have found the above very interesting and works well at eliet level, I have also found that since looking at this in a bespoke environment I have seen trends which can be taken down and rolled out to the mass market (showing commercial value which interests the big bosses at brands.)

have you looked at a bioemchanical function which here in the UK is termed as forward progression which is a leap on from rolling and looking at correcting positions through gait for the mass market…may be worth a look

hello bespoke

sorry for late reply

we seem to share a common interest, u seem to be well educated on this topic as well, i guessed well.

do you, by case have biomechanic web sites or other data you mentioned above, available to everybody here in this forum??

I will look for some and write them here later this week

a good week end

Hi Antonell,

There are many…I think this needs to be a seperate thread…will try and post some up tonight