I had a first interview as an environmental designer in Chicago which seemed to go great. I was told to contact the NY offices so I sent a resume and an image of some work, and got a call from the top honcho immediately. He wanted to meet, but wouldn’t be in Chicago for a time, and wanted me to send more images in the mean while. I put togeher an abbreviated portfolio in powerpoint and sent the disc which was evidently harmed in the process as the secretary e-mailed me the day it arrived asking for another copy as they were impatient to see my work. I sent it off that day, and a month later, I’ve heard nothing. I’ve left a follow up call message and even sent an e-mail asking for a response saying they’d gotten the disc but still I got nothing. Is such a massive blow off common? I would have really appreciated the courtesy of a “thanks but no thanks” as my work definantly isn’t bad enough to just toss off after such a hot start.
Or I guess it is.

Then u definitely wouldn’t want to work there.

Maybe you haven’t been to enough interviews to experience critism and the real world.
You can’t take it personally. Move on and you will get yours.

i had a very similar experience…the firm wouldn’t have started with a G and ended with a R would it?

No, not the same company.
Actually, its not the critique but lack of answer that bothers me. I hope I never get tough skinned enough that I no longer expect (or worse yet, bother) with the most basic of courtesies. Its one thing to be corporate and busy, and another to be a jerk.