Rubbery furniture material to keep the bum happy?

I am working on some designer furniture and looking for material suggestions. The padding on the furniture will be 1.5 inches thick only. I am after some kind of non traditional/non fabricy coloured rubbery material that holds it’s shape…meaning does not stay compressed once the user lifts their ass.

What is the material used on athletic tracks? Any other recommendation?

Mucho gracias

How about a self skinning urethane foam?

The Primary Pouf by Arne Quinze uses a proprietary foam of some sort. I’m not sure what type.

Pretty sure you can control the density. So if you want a 1.5" thick pad it would be much more denser than the primary’s pad.

ive seen some chairs that use a medical grade of silicone or some other thermoplastic rubber compound that pretty much meets what you are looking for. dunno any suppliers/brand names though.

might also want to look at a viscoelastic memory foam. it will stay compressed for a while after you release your weight, but will spring back. same stuff as those swedish posturepedic matresses.

also might want to check out some of the materials used in running shoe cushioning. lots now use a type of TPR low density TPU material.


Thanks rkuchinsky perfect for what I am after :smiley: