Rubberizing PLA with Ethyl Lactate

Anyone with chemical knowledge to explain how this works?

(unfortunately their website doesn’t work)

"We discovered Makelastic during our experimentation. We discovered that a certain mixture of Ethyl lactate and other alcohols was a very effective plasticizer, getting in-between the PLA molecules and loosening their bonds. Suddenly, you didn’t have to mess around with flexible filaments - good ol’ reliable PLA could be used and then rubberized! Best of all, Makelastic was safer than even Acetone. For example, Ethyl Lactate is commonly used in fragrances - it has a scent that is close to coconuts (we kid you not).

Makelastic tends to dissipate over a few months, necessitating a quick spray with any off-the-shelf polyurethane spray. So far our prints have remained flexible! "

If anyone knows, I’d like to know what sort of quantities/ dilutions the Ethyl Lactate needs to be, as it’s about $140 a litre here.