Rubber feet material

I’m working on a project that requires a molded rubber pad for the base to prevent it from sliding around on the surface. I know there are thousands and thousands of materials out there, but is there something that those of you in consumer electronics have a go-to? I’m thinking something like the bottom of say a Google Home Mini. Sorry this is such a general question!

I’ve used silicone before. Sticky but easy to clean and doesn’t leave marks. Rubber can be harder to clean and can leave scuffs… remember when the home pod came out and it was leaving marks? (I think that might have been silicone, but maybe too soft of a durometer)… My biggest piece of advice, if we were not on lockdown, would be to go shopping and find something that feels, looks, works the way you want it to, cut it up and send it to the factory.

Santoprene. Pick a durometer.

Thanks for the thoughts guys!

Yo - I agree I wish I could just go find what I want and send it over, I do have some TPE in my home materials collection that I think could work well.

Dan - We were looking at santoprene early on but I shot it down almost immediately because when it got shipped to me some of the box fibers got on it and it was nearly impossible to clean, I imagine you have a different experience?