Rubber Dipping or Spraying?

Hi there,
I am looking to have something sprayed or dipped in a coat of white UV stable, opaque polyurethene and haven’t been able to come up with leads for months. Contacted medical prototypers, tool dippers, etc and nothing. Does anyone know of a company or any way to find someone both with access to this material and either a vat of it or a airbrush in which to spray it? Thanks!

Well, I was going to ask how big the item was and then re-read the ‘vat’ statement … and then the ‘airbrush’ comment.

So, now I’m confused (not an uncommon event) and gotta ask, how big is the item? To me, ‘vat’ read BIG, like a bicycle frame, but ‘airbrush’ reads small, like a model airplane …

The next question would be, what durometer of polyurethane do you need; basically ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. There a ton of polyurethane based paints, all of which are both opaque, and UV stable, but none that are ‘soft’ (unless of course they were improperly catalyzed). Are you coating the item to protect it, or for tactile reasons?

Fill in some blanks for us.

The item is glass and metal, 2 ft by 2 ft and can either be coating by a vat or an airbrush. It needs to have a a thick [ish] coat of rubber on it, having the texture of rubber, white and opaque. Like it’s been dipped in rubber (needs to have that appearence even though it MIGHT have to be sprayed).