RSS Core77 posts, or better yet any chance of an iPhone app?

I’ve been wondering if there’s a better way to watch the posts role in on Core77 disscussions without having to reload the browser all the time… Sometimes even losing the search results when your doing it

It seems like some sort of an RSS feed would be a good solution, but I don’t know if that’s available.

A Core77 iPhone app would be AWESOME ( hint hint Core… ), but that might be dreaming…

Anybody have an alternative to the “view recent post” hotlink on the main page?

I second the iPhone app suggestion.

  • Discussion posts
  • Coroflot jobs
  • Portfolio image-of-the-day
  • Articles

Could be very cool way to make the site mobile.

The forum runs on PHPBB, and there is at least one ‘hack’ that allows it to work on mobile devices:

But I really like the idea of a Core77 Application that could bring everything together.

OK… I’ve been thinking about this all day since I’m traveling and reading lots of posts on the iPhone

so there are 7614 core77 members, probably a quarter of them even still read this (or aren’t bogus alias). Of those 1903, probably 1/3 have iPhones? That would be 1269. Say optimistically 80% buy the app, that would be roughly 1000 customers.

I would pay somewhere between $5-10 for a Core77 app (probably more even), and I bet many feel the same. That would bring in around $5-10 k gross profit. Apple might take a cut, but couldn’t be too much

Is $5-10k enough for some of you hotshot UI designers to make it happen? It’s almost a public service and you would have uber street cred in design circles…