RSA award winner

The RSA award winners have just been posted at

What do you guys make of it all? IMO it all seems disappointing, and the standard seems to have dropped a lot from last year. Nothing to really capture the imagination at all :frowning:

eh…knife/cucumber slicer project is cute.

that was the onlt thing that caught my eye :confused:

I entered the oral healthcare award, and to to see what won is very disappointing.

Yeah, definitely more an award for pretty pictures than actual design ability :wink:

  • A Disgruntled RSA Entrant

Speaking to my lecturer a few days ago he also voiced the same opinion. Seems the manufacturers and sponsors have pushed there opinions through too much instead of the academics and designers (IRC my lecturer knows one of the judges).

Anyhoo, there’s still New Designers too look forward too. I see Loughborough and DMU are pretty much directly across from each other at the show, so it’d be good to meet you(s).


I was never the best at presentation boards, I was more technical, designing products that work and can be made (but also look good!) rather than drawing pretty pictures of them and doing funky renderings. But hey, so what.

Yeah, New Designers sounds fun. I can only go on the Tuesday/Wednesday, as I have to go back for the grad ball :sunglasses: Ho hum, it’s a hard life :laughing: