RP model in Tokyo

Does anyone know a good place to get an .stl file rapid protyped in Tokyo? I moved here recently, and have not found the service here yet. My office here does not have any RP machines. Or, have you done it successfully through one of the Chinese services? I have seen a few online. Thanks!!

There are loads of places here in Tokyo to get models made
I haven’t used any yet, but did a lot of research last year and know of some good websites to go to…
will dig out my old hard drive and give you the links to them…
What do you do here?
the bu

I design accessories for a large Japanese retail chain. However, for my personal work, I need to get this model printed for the purposes of slip casting.

Oh, and thank you for any help you can provide from your research!

Check this company out http://www.3d-labo.com/
It is in Shibuya so it is easy to visit. The people are really nice and they also have a huge cnc machine… if thats you thing!
The RP machine is standard ABS with a size of W 200mm / H 200mm / D 300mm.
Hope this helps :smiley:

Looks very cool! I am planning to visit them next week. Thank you.