Royalty Contract Lawyers?

Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Chicago with experience in preparing contracts for royalty-based fees with a company in China? I guess they wouldn’t have to be in Chicago, but it would be nice.

I know this is getting to be a more and more common thing, so I was hoping someone on this board might be able to help.

Also, for those of you that have gone through this process before, how much can one expect to pay the lawyer for preparing said contracts?

Thanks in advance!

Ouch! China?

I would prepare to be burned.


The Law firm Defrees and Fisk charges 220 per hour to proof and modify a contract that I gave them. Was not related to China though. I am eager to hear of a law firm who claims any specialty with China.

I’m assuming you’ve had some bad experience working directly with China that gave you this impression. Can you elaborate?

I actually wound up speaking to an Intellectual Property law firm here in Chicago who does have someone on staff that has a lot of China experience. The website is:

I met with them and they seem very knowledgable and in the same price range as the firm you mentioned - I believe around $200/hr. I still have yet to use them, but plan on it when a project is at that point…

Was this the same firm where there was a Chicago IDSA meeting once? I went thru the Attorney profiles and did not see one who cliamed experiance.

We did the first defrees website 8 years ago. They recomended me to another firm and that firm said the require a 2500USD retainer. That weeds out the casual.

Try an international law firm like Jones Day but fees are not going to be cheap.
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Sometimes for IP related issues it is prudent to do your business transaction/dealings under Hong Kong law rather than Mainland China itself.
HK has a judiciary based on common law independant of the PRC.