Royal College of Art

I am product design graduate from the Nottingham Trent university and I am thinking of studying vehicle design at the RCA. the reason being, major automotive design studios just ignore my application…

on their website the entrance requirements are clearly laid out but it is very vague…for example:

We select people with a proven commitment to the discipline, with a high level of self-motivation and evidence of independent study.

does this mean you require industry experience?
if thats the case…i better start looking for a job…^^

May I please ask how about MA Product Design in Nottingham trent?

I just admitted by it.
But I could have the chance to.

A product design graduate is not committed to automotive design. Why should they hire you when they don’t hire plenty of talented transportation majors who live and breath it?

it is true that most vehicle design students at the royal college have an undergraduate tranport design degree, but there are students that have graduated with sculpture, fashion design, jewellery design, and etc. just because someone has a product design graduate that doesn’t mean that they are not dedicated to the discipline. i am sure that you a professional(or student?)designer…and if you are, you should know that boundaries between different design disciplines are getting less and less visible…
rizzla keep at it and practice sketching as that is the key to success!!!