Royal College of Art

…if you are interested in transport design you can see video
from Royal College of Art I made on exhibition.

There was a lot of amazing work at that exhibition. Thanks for posting the video.

Yes, they are very good - sketches and models. That`s why i wanted to share this video.

how long is their vehicle design program? can you only go there after you have received an undergraduate degree somewhere else?

I was interested in product design where the programme takes 2 years (I think it`s the same on vehicle design).

Read this page for the details.

Yeah, it’s only a postgraduate college (postgrad/masters/MA/ whatever it’s called in the states).

Vehicle design @ RCA is always good but I always find it too ‘out there’… why not do a project like make the Prius a decent looking car that people would actually want to buy… something a little more ‘real’.

Some of the boat designs at last years show were pretty sweet. The models are always superb.