Rounded cube patent dispute (Polaroid vs GoPro)

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Seems like usual patent trolling - because there are many subtle differences such as the radii in only one direction on the GoPro, the chamfer details on the window opening, etc - I would expect that it would not hold up in court.

Might end up being a settlement just to make them go away.

Design patents, unlike utility patents, do have classes. So while a cube may have been patented for D2 (Apparel and Haberdashery), it is possible Polaroid got the cube patent for D16 (Photography and Optical Equipment).

There is no doubt they have a similar design.

I think it will get tossed. For a design patent to hold up, the offender has to pretty much be an exact copy.

Anybody know who is responsible for the GoPro cube ID?

As for Polaroid, it’s Ammunition. Wasn’t my design, though I was involved in the early stages of the project.

I’d go with in-house. Bould did the refresh to the Hero3. But GoPro has an internal ID program now. So might have been through there.

GoPro has used Bould recently, too.