Rough structure enquiry

We need a foam like strcucture which is supposed to envelope a AC motor rotating at very high speed. This reduces the noice created by motor. The structure needs to be electrically inert and flame retardant.

Any suggestions…

How are you conducting heat away from the motor? Any foam material is also going to be a good insulator, which is generally not what you want to wrap a high speed electric motor in.

Hi scott,

You said right!
there is a fan attached to the motor shaft on one of the ends which drives the air from one end of the motor to another and motor is situated in between two fairly long concealed enclusures. The air is exhausted from oher end.

Perhaps we have managed the other issues, and need advice on the foam or any other rough structure whichever can be recommended.


start here…

then do a google search for ‘acoustical insulation’