Roto-molding Experiences?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has experience in the design of roto-moulded products.

I believe there’s a bit of a misconception regarding the type of products possible using roto-molding it’s not just water tanks you know!
Check out jetnet design.

Can anyone else give me inspiration for new products and maybe information on new moulding/framing technologies?

One Foot Tallers Canyon chair is a really good example of roto-moulding.

also their ravine and chasm chairs: - Starck’s Bubble Club line of outdoor furniture - Toys and Outdoor Climbers - These guys made a rotomolded car

Thanks for the links guys,

These chairs (Ravine and Chasm) look pretty complex, must be at least 4 piece moulds!

Has anyone been involved in roto-mold design like this?

Nope, they’re just two piece steel moulds. i’ve visited the factory who make them. Basically they’re moulded as one piece, cut in half and turned inside out so to speak. Dead easy, very effective.