Rotating Hardware resource

Hello everyone-

Looking for some hardware that may or may not exist…

What I’m after is essentially lazy susan swivel hardware with memory return. So when you spin it, it locks in place every 180 degrees.

The twist, is that I’d like this to be inside a 1.5" to 2" tube. So instead of spinning flat bases horizontally, I’d be “twisting” tubes that lock in place every 180 degrees. Must be easy to “unlock” but I don’t want the swivel to spin freely.

Does that make sense to everyone?

It could even be something like this, but with 180 degree stops.

Application is a display for people to flip boards connected to a central rod/tube to read the other side of a panel. But, prevent the panel from spinning freely.

If you find it, please add it to every rolling white board on the planet! :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

My guess is that you want an all in one part but not being aware of one, can you integrate the (bearing) hub and these:

I’ve made custom dials/controls similar to what you are asking with off the shelf magnets (you could use ball-nose spring plungers as well). With both you can have friction/drag between the 180 degree points that it ‘locks’ into. Playing with the magnet strength you can play with how easy it is to release.

Hope this is helpful.


Yes! Ball-nose spring plungers was the keyword that helped. I think I’ve almos got what I need now.