I’ve been in the ID field for 2.5 years professionally and I just met with a client for my first big freelance gig on the side. The job is helping an individual client realize an idea that he has been kicking around for awhile. The idea itself seems to have value and the client is not in a rush.

I could potentially take this project all the way through production, with the help of an engineer, depending on the results.

My question is regarding compensation. The client is willing to share royalties on the design for a reduced rate. Any tips on what percentage to ask for and how much hourly rate to reduce?

Take the money upfront. Royalties rarely work out. Just my 2 cents.

It depends on the possible volume and lifespan of the product but generally we will consider working for a break-even rate and 2% for five years. Just be careful because generally people are most eager to offer royalties on product that are less likely to go forward. In other words if the bigger the risk the bigger the desire to share it.

thanks for the 2 cents