Ross McCoy - Resume & Portfolio Critque

I was hoping some of you could take a look at my portfolio and resume. I am looking for general feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks in Advanced!


Web Preview:

Direct Download:

Just a bit of advice…I know you have been posting up here for a while, but not many people are going to download a PDF. Try putting it up on a PDF host site so it just loads.

Do you recommend any certain sites?

edit: I am trying Issuu. Thanks for the suggestion


I really like your “clarity” project a lot and the overall layout of the portfolio is nice and clean–doesn’t take away from the actual content.

Thank you for your comments. Clarity is actually one of my favorite pieces also. There was a lot of time and thought put in to get it where it’s at.

I have tried to keep everything as simple and clean as possible. Do you feel that it is lacking in keeping it so clean? Should I add more descriptions or content or keep it how it is?

Hi Ross_

Nice clean resume, I recommend putting your experience ahead of education.
Here is mine as an example of a way to order it:

Portfolio is nice and clean, I’d love to see more details of the furniture. I went to an amazing Marcel Bruer show put on by Vitra ( pics: Facebook ) On display they would have 8-10 prototypes of a singe chair design showing different attachment methods, different materials, different leg brace positions. It was awesome to follow his thought process through the iterations.

Hey Ross,

It all looks very clean and neat, but not very much of the portfolio grabs my attention very long. Do you have anything a little more unique or specific to your interests. Most of these seem like school projects or projects from a job. I would personally like to see something that says a bit more about you.


Hi Ross,

Your resume is very clear and organized, but I do have some hierarchical issues with some of the elements in it. I think you might want to consider playing with the font size variation a bit more. The location/dates are vying for my attention more than the details about your work, and the use of grey Helvetica Neue Ultra Light is a little rough on the eyes. Also, since your bullet points are sentences, each individual word should probably not be capitalized. I also believe you meant to say “Provided various 3D” since you use the past tense everywhere else.

That was nitpicky, but I’m a sucker for the tiny details.


Thanks for the suggestion about the order of the sections. It’s one of those things I overlooked since graduation. I should be showing my work experience first.

I’m totally jealous of the Marcel Bruer show you saw. Thanks for sharing the photos you took. I love seeing prototypes of designs. Some of my best memories from my study abroad experience was getting to see various prototypes and molds of famous designs. One of the neatest things I saw while in either Helsinki or Stockholm was seeing the original molds for the Aalto vases.


What do you recommend I show that would help keep your attention longer? I have often debated on how much to show and how much do I keep for when I have interviews. Like Michael was suggesting, may I should show more of my thought process in how I came up with the various connections in my designs. I probably should try and show more of the way I think. Sometimes that’s hard since I have more of an engineers mind than an artist.

In some ways I feel like ditching my current portfolio and starting over from scratch. If I were to do this I would go with a white background that allows for some easier ways to showcase items.


Thank you for pointing out some of the issues you see. I have been fighting a lot with the spacing and font size in order to get everything to fit on one page. Maybe I should just do two pages?

I agree that the font can be hard to read. It’s actually black, but it shows as grey since it’s so thin. I will definitely check out the sentences and get the capitalization issues fixed.

You made me smile when you said I meant to say “Provided various 3D…” I had it that way at an earlier point but changed it to the present tense since this is what I currently do.

I really do appreciate you being nitpicky.

Thanks again for your comments and suggestions!